anemone flower

Days  lengthen, stretch patiently

Our beautiful full ones gild all in prowess
They who bloom so timidly 
This ode to nature that keeps its promise

What flowers will bloom our landscapes
In this month of April, key to spring

Let's start with the Allium, sage flower
soft umbrella all in roundness on the moment 
Of several colors that eclipse its foliage

Then comes the Purplish Pasque Flower
Petal of Virtuous Toxic Freshness
O dusty remedy for headaches

Brunnera macrophylla so precious
From the Caucasus country winged myth
Bluish by the thousands, I would think I was dreaming

These beauties are by far not all listed
Here is just a summary sample
But look around you, admire
this nature which has so much to offer

Océane, creator of À Nos Fleurs Chéries

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April 13, 2022 — Ambre PUECH
Tags: Lifestyle

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