a french kiss please

Sending messages of love is the credo of the ready-to-wear brand A French kiss please. An ode to love, with strong, simple messages of very French authenticity.

A French kiss please is the story of its creator Eva who wishes and imagines a timeless, unisex wardrobe, made in France with messages of love to display everywhere.

a french kiss please

The designer is inspired by these two favorite places which are Paris and Rome. A real Franco-Italian idyll. Dolce vita à la française or an Italian walk...

Be romantic and liberated with the creations A French kiss please while adding a hexagonal touch to your outfits of the day. Now you can show your fervor and love without waiting for Valentine's Day. It's time to adopt an attitude rather than a style.

a french kiss please

Come and discover the mixed wardrobe A French kiss please on the website www.laruefrancaise.fr !

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

*do you speak french kiss = do you speak french kiss

September 06, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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