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IOKKO is an artisanal candle manufacturing workshop located in Île de France. The candles are made by hand, with natural products following a recipe imagined and created by IOKKO. 

The candles are made of 100% vegetable soy wax which is grown in Europe in order to offer natural and ecological creations. 

The candles are scented with perfumes made in Grasse, allowing you to have quality fragrances with the right scents. 

Each candle is cast and designed in the workshop and by hand by the IOKKO team. 

IOKKO wishes to be part of an ecological and responsible approach by thinking about each stage of production and preparation of the candles, up to the packaging so that it is as respectful as possible. 

Beyond its commitments, IOKKO wishes to promote and recognize French craftsmanship, as well as the work accomplished for each candle. 

IOKKO offers us handmade creations with meticulousness and unique work. 

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