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Welcome to the stellar world of Songe Graphique.

Young creative and artistic brand that was born in 2020, following the rediscovery of the practice of drawing by its founder Mélany. The young designer decides to make her art her life project.

Each model is hand-drawn in Indian ink and watercolour. Each poster is drawn by the designer in a long process of inspiration, on limited edition collections and a reasoned manufacturing.


The paper chosen for printing is certified, of high quality.


Songe Graphic poster models are made to order or in limited edition. Songe Graphique wants its graphic, production, collaboration and manufacturing process to remain conscious.

A fight for a reasoned production that respects the environment. Avoid waste or overproduction.

All the partners who collaborate with Songe Graphique are based in France, in order to limit the impact of transport, avoid pollution and renew lasting and qualitative relationships.