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The TENZOR discovery pack is your new ally to set your most beautiful tables for a romantic date, or your meals with family or friends. Something to make your table full of charm and elegance, very simply.

The TENZOR discovery pack is made up of: a PLANKENN appetizer board (20 cm), a GRAND TAOL trivet, a set of two PETIT TAOL coasters and two KANTOL candlesticks.

The TENZOR discovery pack is a terrazzo of several mixed shells: oyster shells, mussels and scallops.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted in the creators' workshop.

Enough to bring an iodized air to your aperitif or your meals, with charm and elegance.

The TENZOR discovery pack was designed and created in Brittany by MALAKIO.

MALAKIO is a young Breton company specializing in innovation and the development of mollusc shells: a noble material, 100% natural, local and renewable.

MALAKIO recycles and reuses the shells of the 205,000 tons of shellfish consumed in France to make them into sustainable and responsible interior decoration objects.
MALAKIO wishes to join the companies of tomorrow and in a collective dynamic of better consumption.

At La Rue Française, we can only admire the approach and therefore present their magnificent products to you.

Delivery expected within 12 working days.

Product details:

Contains about 60% shellfish
No chemical additives
Flame retardant and heat resistant
Solid and durable


Contient environ 60% de coquillages
Pas d'additifs chimiques
Ignifuge et résistant à la chaleur
Solide et perenne

Nos conseils d'utilisation

Chaque pièce est fabriquée à la main et peut présenter de légères différences avec la photo présentée.

By Malakio

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