A la vie à l'amore - A French kiss please

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A French kiss please is a Parisian ready-to-wear brand that has been on the rise for some time with their iconic message t-shirts designed by designer Eva.

The designer draws her inspiration from two romantic cities: Paris and Rome.

These creations are guided by messages illustrating French love, the Parisian dolce vita.

The wardrobe of a French kiss is mixed. It is aimed at both women and men. Yes, the language of love is universal and unisex!

A French kiss please declares its love for French know-how with creations 100% made in France.

Discover the À la vie à l'amore pouch to store all your belongings, to take with you everywhere! Slip your essentials into this love-filled accessory. Its format is ideal for putting all your little mess in it, and slipping it into your handbag.

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Composition :

  • 100% brushed canvas cotton
  • Embroidered logo
  • Size: 22cm x 16cm 

Care and Washing: Dry clean.


- 100% coton canvas brossé
- Logo brodé
- Dimension : 22 cm x 16 cm

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