Upcycled papers

Today I would like to tell you about the production methods of some of our creators in the field of stationery, who are committed to a better and more responsible world in the choice of their raw materials.

Maison Cérès and Papier Tigre are French companies in the field of stationery and whose La Rue Française offers their products and creations.

My choice turned to these two companies, particularly for the quality of their products, but also for their ethical, sustainable and responsible commitments, particularly in the manufacturing processes and their entrepreneurial visions.

And yes, because producing French is good, but producing French in an eco-design and eco-manufacturing approach is better.

I explain to you.

Upcycled papers

There are currently substitutes for conventional papers: recycled and upcycled papers. And it is with this choice of paper that Maison Cérès and Papier Tigre produce their creations.

The recycled paper from Papier Tigre comes from the treatment of waste in their region. The paper used has therefore already been used, treated to return to a manufacturing circuit and be used again to create your next diary or notebook. A longer and therefore more sustainable life cycle, which makes it possible to avoid producing new paper as much as possible and to save our small forests.

The upcycled paper from Maison Cérès goes even further because it is a paper made from fruit and vegetable residues from agro-industry. The waste is treated and then becomes lightly colored paper. You can find paper made from corn, grape, olive, kiwi or even citrus residue. And yes with this choice we completely avoid the deforestation box.

Recycled papers

And you know what ? I also opted for this solution for the creation of our little thank you cards that you receive in your parcels!

And there are other upcylated papers, in particular that from waste from the leather industry, made from leather residue.

So it's not too cool as news? Did you know?

GREEN POWER the Frenchies!

Englishy'vely yours


Founder La Rue Française.

September 16, 2021 — Ambre PUECH
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