Made in France

Let's shed light together on the mention of "Made in France" or "Made in France".

This mention has become in a few years, a flag bearer of French products and a stooge for certain brands on their commitments. But what does that really mean?


The mention "Made in" or "Made in" was born with globalization, and the intervention of several countries in the manufacturing process of a product. It was then necessary to define the origin, or rather the nationality of the product with regard to consumers.

The product will take on the nationality of the country where the last substantial transformation took place. To put it simply, the country where the product has undergone a transformation leading to its final form.

Example: a t-shirt whose textile raw material comes from country A, and which was cut and assembled in France, will be made in France or manufactured in France.

As you will have understood, this mention is still quite broad and for some does not highlight enough the work carried out in France by craftsmen or creators.

MADE IN FRANCE, but not only...

Do not worry. In order to be able to find your way around and be informed of the origin of the products you buy, other mentions and labels have been created.

We will present them to you as we go along in order to help you in your research, and so that you can appreciate the different nuances of French manufacturing.

In the meantime, we are using our expertise to inform you as best as possible about the products we offer. We guarantee with our craftsmen and designer partners that each product respects at least the basic notion of "Made in France" or "Made in France".

And for maximum transparency, we tell you the nuances necessary in the production of each product directly in their description. We find it important to answer all your questions, and our creators are available to discuss them with you if necessary.

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August 16, 2021 — Ambre PUECH
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