Jewelry collection Minimalist Creations

The history of Minimaliste Créations is written through the spray of the waves, the iodized air and oyster farming. 

Immersed in the world of oyster farming and passionate about creating jewelry, Floriane, its founder, decided to create collections that combined her two worlds. 
Minimaliste Créations likes to imagine and offer timeless jewelry, with natural mineral materials such as mother-of-pearl and freshwater pearls to recall the love of the sea and of his adopted Brittany. 

Close to nature, the young French brand is inspired by its daily life to create resistant and quality jewellery. Jewelry made to last. 
All creations are handmade by Floriane. 
We discover different collections over the seasons to accompany women during their daily lives. Jewels that remain authentic, strong in the character and know-how of our designer. 

In its research, Minimaliste Créations also offers us a beautiful collection of key rings. Oyster shell keyrings from the oyster farm where she also works, customized with different patterns and different inspirations. 
Enough to recycle oyster shells in a fun way and make them an everyday object. 
A nod to his life and his Breton territory. 

You will find the entire collection of Minimalist Creations jewelry and key rings on 

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March 15, 2022 — Ambre PUECH

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