Who has never dreamed of traveling for a few seconds without moving from home?

Trust the talents of our graphic designer Grégoire who is the founder of the Postera brand.

Remember your last vacation, or proudly hang your future climbs on your walls, or your next vacation spot with Postera's illustrations.

POSTERA: a family idea

It was on his dad's birthday that Grégoire unknowingly created Postera. In order to offer a personal and original gift to his father, he will illustrate in a vintage and slightly retro way one of the massifs of his native region.

The idea is born... the inspiration is there. Why not continue on this path and offer to illustrate all the well-known mountains and massifs of your region and extend to neighboring regions?

Always in the same spirit, with pop colors, inspired by Paris-Lyon-Marseille posters, Postera invites us to bring nature back into our homes.


If you take a quick tour of Postera's creations, you will quickly understand that our dear graphic designer is located in the Alps, not far from Grenoble.

If you don't know the surroundings, then look no further, you've come to the right place to plan your next vacation. On the other hand, if you know well, there is something to bring back good memories of summer with the Aiguebelette Poster or winter with the La Meije Poster . Enjoy its majestic landscapes all year round.

For the more chauvinistic... we are sure that you will be proud to display your coat of arms in your home.

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June 28, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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