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Taking care of your body with natural products made in France: this is what the team and the creator of Soin Amalthée want to answer.

It is time to give pride of place to healthy, natural and French products in our daily lives and obviously also in our bathroom to take care of our body and our skin.

For that you can trust Soin Amalthée and their range of natural products, made in France and respectful of the epidermis. This range of products for the body and for the face is based on goat's milk with many benefits.

Amalthée Care Bar Soap, La Rue Française

The Soin Amalthée range consists of a solid soap available in three flavors: Rose, Almond and Green Tea. The solid soap is also available without perfumes for more delicate skins, tending to be dry with shea butter or oily with hazelnut oil.

Each formula is based on goat's milk to take advantage of its numerous and completely natural benefits. The goat's milk in this solid soap allows you to rebalance the PH of your skin, restores your epidermis, hydrates and nourishes, relieves irritation, acts against UV rays and cleans in depth. It also helps to be a natural tensor and anti-aging.

Let's not stop there... because soap is also multi-purpose: you can use it as a treatment, a mask, a cleanser and a make-up remover. A super effective 4 in 1 product!

To accompany your shower and continue your beauty routine, all you have to do is combine the goat's milk-based face cream for deep hydration and repair of your epidermis.

Just like soap, face cream combines several benefits: moisturizes, nourishes, cleans, smoothes, repairs and protects your facial skin. A perfect combo with a light, fresh and creamy texture. A real treat for your face.

And believe us, to be sure of its effectiveness, La Rue Française has integrated Soin Amalthée products into its daily routine. Satisfaction guaranteed on our side for the whole family!

It's the revolution of skincare and beauty routine à la Française la Team! 100% natural, respectful and French... what more could you ask for?!

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

September 23, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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