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Arkhé Paris is a young French ready-to-wear brand inspired by our beautiful planet and its nature.

Guillaume, its founder, through his past personal and professional experiences, wanted to create a brand of minimalist and committed clothing.

It was then that Arkhé Paris was born.

For its first collection, Arkhé Paris presents 6 unisex t-shirts, designed and manufactured in France. The cotton chosen is Oeko-Tex & Low Impact certified.

Each t-shirt represents a continent of the world: Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The design of each embroidery is created with a single pencil stroke for a clean and minimalist look. The embroideries are thoughtful to echo the continent represented.

In addition, for each t-shirt purchased, Arkhé Paris donates 5 euros to partner associations.

Arkhé Paris wants to rhyme solidarity and style with its collection of committed and French t-shirts.