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Maison Matine is a new generation perfume brand, based in France, in Paris.

Maison Matine is one of its new committed and French brands for healthier, better thought out cosmetics and above all with an identity at odds with the perfume and cosmetic brands we know today.

Maison Matine is the perfume that rebels! Graphic, responsible and generous fragrances created by a generation of committed French perfumers.
Finito with opulence and sexism, place for diversity and simplicity.

The Maison Matine perfume is inventive and creative! Unisex and non-gendered, free and casual, graphic and committed.

Maison Matine perfumes are made in France, with organic alcohol, recycled packaging, plastic-free and with a recyclable cap. Maison Matine offers a sustainable offer coupled with a social commitment.

It's the revolution and the transformation of perfumery!