Ojie Paris

En savoir plus

New recruit in the team of La Rue Française, the silk square brand, made in France: Ojie Paris. 

Ojie Paris is a brand of scarves and silk accessories that was founded by Julia. the silk scarves are colorful and uninhibited, with patterns imagined by the founder. 

Each pattern is imagined and made by hand by Julia. A real work of vibrant and colorful graphics in the image of life. 

The silk squares are then made and rolled by hand, the French way in a workshop in Lyon. All the manufacturing processes, up to the packaging of the scarves, respect the French traditions of making silk scarves. 

Beyond its commitments, Ojie Paris wishes to put a touch of modernity in the use and staging of silk scarves. The designer imagines trendy creations to wear in 1001 ways... 

The Ojie Pari silk square is indeed our new trendy ally! And it's not Léna Situations who will say the opposite...