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The velvet scrunchie

You won't be able to leave your new velvet scrunchie.
A darling made from scraps left over at Mikamino after cutting up accessories and care products.
It is made in a very soft and fluffy velvet. Something to dress up your hairstyles and your wrist.

Delivery expected within 5 to 7 working days.

Composition :

GOTS organic cotton, a vegetable and natural material the most suitable for the skin and the environment.
Designed, cut and made in integration workshops in France.
Our labels and the elastic of the headband are in organic cotton and made in France.

Coton bio GOTS, une matière végétale et naturelle la plus adaptée pour la peau et l'environnement.

Conçu, découpé et confectionné dans des ateliers d'insertion en France.

Nos étiquettes et l'élastique du bandeau sont en coton bio et fabriqués en France.



👩🏻‍🎨 History

Mikamino, your well-being is as important to us as it is to our planet.

Mikamino is a young French brand specializing in zero waste hygiene and beauty accessories.

We present to you the first line of face and body care products created by the Mikamino brand. You will find a range of products suitable for both adults and children to learn how to do their care "on their own" in a fun and practical way.

Mikamino creations are designed to be easy to maintain and use. Something to revolutionize the world of zero waste by combining durability, quality and modernity.

🌱 Raw materials

The raw material used is organic cotton labeled GOTS from Turkey. Mikamino sources its cotton from a European supplier.

The organic cotton used has been carefully chosen to be respectful of all skin types. It is soft and preserves the sensitive areas of the face.

For upcycled fabrics, Mikamino sources from textile companies on dormant and end of roll stock, or on upcycled fabric marketplaces.

🛠 Design and Manufacture

Mikamino products are manufactured in two workshops located in Occitanie. One is an ESAT, and the other an integration workshop for women in difficulty.

Notre charte

Des articles Français, Originaux, Éthiques, et Faits Main !

Nous avons établi une charte de sélection des artisans et créateurs français qui souhaitent collaborer avec nous. Pour figurer dans notre catalogue, ils doivent montrer patte blanche et répondre à un certain nombre de critères que nous analysons rigoureusement et systématiquement :

- L’origine des matières premières 🇫🇷

- Le degré de fabrication française

- L'originalité 🧑🏻‍🎨

- Écoresponsabilité 🌍

- Déontologie et responsabilité sociétale