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EW Création is the beautiful story of Loïs its founder who wanted to embark on entrepreneurship to be master of her life and her organization.

EW Création is the desire to join her personal and professional life to flourish as much as possible in a job that she likes and surrounded by her family when she wishes.

EW Création: A concrete passion

Then behind this desire for emancipation, there is also the desire to imagine and create with one's own hands. EW Création is above all a decoration brand with concrete as its raw material.

The launch and flagship product of EW Création is the natural candle scented with vegetable wax and perfumes from Grasse. The container is a concrete pot handcrafted by the designer that can be reused.

Concrete craft candles

There is through this candle a real commitment for EW Création to choose natural materials, coming from France, to favor short circuits and to think about a durable and reusable product.

The candle: decorative object

EW Création really thought of its candle as a real decorative object in its own right. First of all in the choice of its materials, in the pigments used, the vegetable wax, the perfumes of Grasse and then in its design.

The pot is made in France, in its workshop by hand by its creator. It contains in a first life the candle in vegetable wax and scented with the perfume of Grasse. Then it becomes later, when your candle has burnt out, what you want.. pencil pot, jewelry pot, cotton pot, toothbrush pot, plant pot,.... Leave free course to your imagination.

Handmade concrete pot candles made in France

What is certain is that it will always remain a beautiful decorative object in your interior whatever its use.

And you won't be able to resist the intense and intoxicating fragrance chosen by the designer for long. Let yourself be tempted by the Cotton Flower candle , the Monoï candle or the Sweet Nectar candle.

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

July 26, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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