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Remember this brand, Nicole Studios. You haven't heard of it yet.

Nicole Studios was created in 2020 by Candice, a young designer based in Paris. During the first movement of confinement and the apogee of masks, Nicole Studios was born to offer us a range of trendy, colorful masks to coordinate with our outfits.

Because yes, we are French, and style matters!

This range of masks has given way to the flagship creations of the Nicole Studios brand, which is none other than the darling. The real darling, the one inspired by the 90s, voluminous, colorful, patterned, sequined...

Success is there, brought by the universe of its creator and her 90s inspirations that she claims on her social networks.

The Nicole Studios universe

Nicole Studios is the reflection of designer Candice, a fan of the 90s, unbeatable on the great classics of that time. She knows how to take up the codes of those years to offer us hyper trendy creations, super stylish and at the same time slightly vintage.

Above all, do not challenge her on Friends, you risk leaving feathers.

Nicole Studios, is a French designer who produces her creations herself in Paris, made with love and by hand. It is also an incredible know-how and quality of work, with creations with impeccable finishes.

The Nicole Studios range

Nicole Studios creations are all made in France, in small series, with fabrics chosen by its creator. You will find key materials in Nicole Studios creations including silk, cotton, toile de Jouy; but also in winter, velvet.

We advise you to enhance your mane without delay with the different models offered on our site and to succumb, for example, to the darling Thelma, Claudia or Betty.

You will not regret it !

Englishy'vely your,

French Street.

July 19, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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