INNT cushions

Do you know home staging? The concept of reviewing your interior, thinking about it better for more comfort, well-being and practicality. An interior that looks like you while remaining clear, uncluttered, tidy and functional, a bit like in our head elsewhere.

Our interior, its appearance and its functionalities would also have an effect on our brain. This does not surprise us too much. Look at all the efforts of companies to offer pleasant and functional working environments so that their employees are fully satisfied. It's the same with us. A pleasant living space necessarily creates a peaceful place of life and therefore acts on our moods and our positive thoughts.

Cushion INNT

So give way now to homecycling! We explain to you. The concept of homecycling is to have everyday objects, interior decoration objects that have been created on the basis of old recycled interior objects. Kind of like upcycling in fashion.

The raw material of an object X is sorted, recycled to become another product. Quite simply.

It is the spearhead of INNT .

INNT is a new brand of interior decoration objects that reflects its products in this homecycling approach. INNT sets out to conquer sustainable and responsible interior decoration objects with its first range of cushions.

And suddenly, the cushion, and long before it was a mattress. Finally to be more precise, the padding of the cushion was a mattress. The mattress has been transformed into a ball of latex to become stuffing.

The fabrics used for the cushions are old fabric scraps and plastic bottles.

INNT cushions

Basically the INNT cushion is the amalgamation of all the products that you can find at home, which are recycled and which give a second life to a very beautiful and brand new product! And all that... made in France of course!

Yes, because beyond evolving in a responsible and ethical approach, the INNT team does not forget the design of their product and its quality (incredible, believe us!).

INNT cushions

At La Rue Française , when we discover this kind of little nuggets made in France, we can only be really won over! We wish beyond promoting products made in France, to support French companies committed to a greener, more sustainable and more responsible world. INNT is really an example in this approach.

So we are super proud to present the first range of INNT cushions on our website !

Englishy'vely yours

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October 15, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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