Sequined socks Maison Causettes

Maison Causettes is a bit like the Peaky Blinders of socks. Hang on tight, the socks gang is coming to La Rue Française to dazzle your eyes and pamper your feet!

Maison Causettes is a young French company that has embarked on the adventure of high quality socks. She imagines and creates socks as a real fashion accessory for women, men and now children.

Finished the sock you hide in your shoe. The Maison Causettes sock shows off and asserts our personality and our look.

You will find sequined socks, adventurous socks, sporty socks, glamorous and romantic socks, very fashionable socks, socks full of love .

Green surfer socks Maison Causettes

The sock has become in recent years an essential fashion asset to accompany our look, bring it a final touch. The sock has made a place for itself in the sun of accessories, just like a handbag or jewellery. The sock comes to personify your outfit, to give it a style.

Maison Causette wishes, beyond the design of its socks, to also commit to French and local production in the clothing factories of its region of origin, the Tarn. All your Maison Causettes socks are therefore made in France, and above all made in Tarn, in Castres more precisely.

Maison Causettes wool socks

Something to make us very proud to count Maison Causettes among our artisans and creators on La Rue Française . Business creators committed to French and local know-how, at La Rue Française we like it a lot.

Your feet have suffered too long in your current socks, take care of them with Maison Causettes socks and join the gang!

The collection is available right here !

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

October 11, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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