Pouch with embroidered message: "I am unique", floral and burgundy fabrics, La Chouette Gaby

La Chouette Gaby is a committed brand created by Ghislaine who, from her workshop in Ardèche, reuses fabric scraps to give life to original and practical couture creations. His eco-responsible approach and the freshness of his achievements have inspired us a lot.

La Chouette Gaby: a committed and eco-responsible brand

Ghislaine is a jack-of-all-trades designer, one of her wives who has gold in her hands. It was self-taught that she learned the art of knitting, crocheting and sewing. It all started with the desire to make a stuffed owl by recycling jeans and a plaid that she was particularly fond of. It will be: “La Chouette Gaby”, the very first of its brand, the one that will leave its mark and its identity on this company coming straight from Ardèche.

The principle of overcycling, or upcycling, is at the heart of its production model and that is what gives it its charm. It's about reusing fabric scraps, scraps of textiles or even clothes intended to be thrown away to make new creations. His credo is therefore: “Reuse rather than throw away”. With this approach, we avoid overconsumption and reduce the waste that our beautiful planet has a hard time absorbing.

The designer juggles clothing donations, leftover fabrics from local sewing workshops that she completes from time to time with targeted purchases at the local haberdashery. There is in each of his creations a heterogeneous mixture which gives them a singular charm, a soul, one might say. Pouches, bags, stuffed animals, cases or darlings, each creation is unique and has its own story. Optimizing the use of resources to create something new is a concept we love!

Handmade, practical and unique sewing items

La Chouette Gaby offers an assortment of high quality fashion items made entirely by hand. Because of the raw materials used, which are never the same, each product is unique, no creation resembles another. The assemblies of fabrics and materials are always renewed, giving life to original creations, but always trendy.

What we appreciate about La Chouette Gaby, in addition to its ecological commitment and the character of its creations, is its pragmatic approach. It is important to the seamstress to produce eco-responsible and stylish pieces, of course, but which are also functional and practical in everyday life. As proof, our favorite at La Rue Française: the kit that can be transformed into a pot. It allows you to carry your office or make-up belongings, and converts in an instant into a pot that can be placed vertically to have your brushes close at hand. We also appreciate its terribly original design which will vary over the fabric finds of the French designer.

Original creations designed and manufactured in the heart of France

In the workshop of La Chouette Gaby, you will discover real treasures of French craftsmanship to please you for sure; washable make-up remover wipes, super trendy velvet scrunchies, pockets with good vibes messages such as: "Follow your dreams", and many other finds in which the designer has instilled her benevolent and sparkling personality.

She strives to reuse fabrics at the end of their life or ready to be thrown away, which she collects from sewing workshops, hunts down at garage sales near her home or receives donations. It must be said that his approach is talked about and that many want to reduce their environmental impact and adopt new purchasing behaviors. Buying an item from the brand: "La Chouette Gaby" means helping to support a French entrepreneur, becoming a consumer-actor who takes care of the planet, treating yourself to sustainable and trendy pleasure, all at a low price. . These are the type of brands and products we are fond of at La Rue Française, aren't you?

Englishy'vely yours

Amber from La Rue Française.

September 19, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez

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