Songe Graphique is a young 100% French brand created by designer and artist Mélany. His posters represent abstract motifs filled with an indefinable grace that hypnotizes the viewer and invites contemplation.

Graphic dream: artist posters at low prices

To admire a poster of Songe Graphique is to let yourself be carried away in the poetic universe of an artist with a unique and original abstract style. Each of his creations is first drawn by hand, in Indian ink; a goldsmith's work where his passion for detail shines through. It is sometimes completed with colorful watercolor touches, but always with a minimalist spirit imbued with sobriety. The color palette is reminiscent of a dream where the fog envelops everything in a veil of mystery. Thus it is the greys, blues and greens, sometimes transparent, sometimes intense and deep, which accompany the largely dominant white and black.

The shapes are elusive and seem to move under the viewer's eye. The designer plays on the juxtaposition of lines for an accumulation effect that makes the line original, fine and precise, suddenly thick and lively, almost organic. His creations, both modern and timeless, are veritable poems put into drawings. The artist invites us to dive into the "Abyss", for a "Celestial" adventure, serving the "Growth" of souls, as indicated by the dreamlike titles of his posters. Fancy a motionless journey from your sofa? Dress your walls with a work of "Graphic Dream": change of scenery guaranteed!

100% French abstract art posters

The posters of “Songe” celebrate sobriety; nothing more, nothing less, everything is there, in perfect visual balance. The designer has also adapted this minimalism to her mode of production. Thus, it has chosen limited editions in order to fight against overproduction and reduce its environmental impact. The designer favors the quality and the long time of the creation, rather than the quantity and the frantic rhythm of the industrial posters, which we will take down from her walls as soon as the fashion has passed...

The paper used is high-end, certified and durable over time. The printing is done in France, in order to reduce the pollution generated by transport and guarantee the final quality of the product. To offer a poster signed "Songe Graphique" is to offer a work of contemporary art at a terribly affordable price, it is to support creation and the French economy, while taking care of the environment. We fell in love with his accomplishments imbued with grace and spirituality. And you, what is your favorite from our catalog of posters ?

Englishy'vely yours

Amber from La Rue Française.

September 05, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez

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