Atelier Artemis jewelry collection

Diane is the founder of Atelier Artémis, a brand of accessories and jewelry made in France entirely by hand. 
Diane is part of her creators who vibrate over the collections, who are nourished by creativity and who leave a great deal of freedom in the imagination and the development of her creations. 

One thing touched us deeply when we asked Diane to answer our questions: her desire for freedom. 
Indeed the word freedom is recurrent to speak of his creativity, his life, his inspiration and his desire for emancipation. This is the key word that defines and built Atelier Artémis.

After years of travel, Diane decides to come and put her suitcases in the Meuse countryside with her spouse to found their little haven of peace and their future family. 
Creative by nature, and having studied art, Diane likes to give birth to the idea that germinates in her mind, and she tries out several techniques: sewing, sculpture, resin jewelry, macrame... 
The adventure of Atelier Artémis will come to take concrete form at the beginning of 2020 when Diane abandons herself to her passion for creation 100% and discovers her creative universe which resembles her. 

Atelier Artémis is currently focusing on the creation of jewelry, and then wishes to develop a range of decorative objects. It is then that the word freedom returns. Creative freedom leading to fly over the universes that interest and inspire Diane, without having to respect shackles. Infinite possibilities available to her and to Atelier Artémis that she wishes to savor and explore. 

Follow this surge of life and freedom breathed into the creations of Atelier Artémis and the talent of its designer Diane directly on 

Englishy'vely yours 

Amber from La Rue Française. 

April 06, 2022 — Ambre PUECH

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