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The Ova tray in sand marbled concrete is your new super elegant, trendy and minimalist storage compartment for your interior decoration. To be used to deposit your keys, your remote controls, your candles, your plants or your jewelry.

The Ova tray is available in three colours: sand, pink and grey. 

Choose your favorite color that will best suit your interior. 

Concrete goes well with all types of interior decoration and all styles. Due to its material, the Ova tray brings a raw, refined touch to your interior. 

The Ova tray is made in France, by hand by the creators of La Fabrik. 

La Fabrik is a company specializing in the creation of interior decoration objects in concrete. 

La Fabrik is committed to offering durable, timeless and eco-responsible products. The creators of La Fabrik want to sail against the current of fast fashion and current excessive overconsumption. 

La Fabrik's products are thought out to resist over time, made from quality raw materials of French and European origin. La Fabrik wants to popularize concrete through its unique and timeless creations. 

The manufacture of the products is then done by hand in the brand's workshop in the South of France.

Delivery expected within 12 working days.

Dimensions: 9.7cm x 24cm

Our little advice: The Ova tray is a unique piece and made by hand. The effects differ depending on the products.

To clean your tray, it is preferable to opt for a hand cleaning without detergent products which could tarnish the concrete.


Dimensions : 9,7cm x 24cm

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