Poster of the Lac du Bourget - Postera

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Postera presents its poster of Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake in France, located in Savoie.

Postera's posters and illustrations are designed and produced in France by Grégoire. They are then printed in Grenoble.

You have the choice between three sizes for this Lac du Bourget poster: 30x40cm / 40x50cm / 50x70cm.

Delivery expected within 5 to 7 working days. Delivery costs offered.

Detail :

250g paper
Packaging in a protective tube (sold without frame)


The Postera brand

Postera is a young French brand of illustrations and posters of French landscapes, in particular the French Alps.

Grégoire, its founder, embarked on this adventure somewhat by chance, when he had to give his father a present. He searches in vain for a poster representing the Obiou, a famous mountain in his native region. It was then that the idea of creating his own poster came to mind.

Other illustrations of the landscapes close to his home will then follow and a desire to offer them to a greater number. 
Each image is worked in a somewhat vintage style to recall the posters of yesteryear, in the style of Paris-Lyon-Provence.

Let yourself be carried away by the creations of Postera, and bring back to your home a souvenir of your home, your holidays or your favorite region. It's never too late to travel while staying at home. 

Détail :
- Papier 250 gr
- Conditionnement dans un tube de protection (vendue sans cadre)

By Postera