Mantra Bracelet, Papa - Atelier Artémis

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Dad: def. Affectionate term by which one addresses one's father (especially children), or by which one designates him as intimates.

The mantra bracelet is your life companion. A regressive style bracelet, super trendy to display your mood of the day, your vision of life or your little pride. As its name suggests, you can wear your mantra on your wrist that guides your daily life.

Its sliding knot allows you to adapt the bracelet to the size that suits your wrist.

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Details :

Nylon cord
acrylic beads

The Atelier Artemis brand

Atelier Artémis is a young brand of accessories and jewelry made in France, by hand. 

Diane, founder of the Artémis workshop, wishes to offer heart jewelry, personalized and customizable according to our desires. 

Each creation is inspired by a moment of sharing and pleasure with loved ones. A jewel that reflects our personality, discreetly and that can accompany us in our daily lives. 


- Cordon en nylon
- Perles en acrylique