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The Monroe Revival cushion is ideal for bringing softness to your interior with a sober and elegant touch of color around brown and orange hues. Incredible quality and comfort for this cushion made in France.

The recycled Monroe Revival cushion is INNT's first product. A cushion 100% recycled and made in France. The Monroe Revival Cushion was a mattress before it was a cushion.

The filling is made of 100% recycled latex from a mattress and the fabric used comes from scraps of textile clothing and plastic bottles.

INNT is a French company in the field of interior decoration which wishes to contribute to a better world by reinventing the objects of our daily life without impacting our planet.

INNT is a brand of home products made from 100% recycled materials. This is the very essence of the creation of the brand: to be useful in the development of products that are more respectful of the environment.

INNT is a pioneer in homecycling!

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Composition :

  • 100% latex filling
  • Recycled cotton and polyester canvas
  • Zipper
  • Weight: 1.4kg

Composition :
- Garnissage 100% latex
- Toile coton et polyester recyclés
- Fermeture éclair
- Poids : 1,4 kg



INNT is a revolution in decoration and everyday objects for our interior.

INNT is a French brand committed to more sustainable and ethical interior decoration objects. The creations are designed on the basis of Homecycling. Basically the raw materials used are from recycled home products.

Before being an INNT cushion, it was a mattress. The cushion filling is made of recycled latex from an old mattress. The fabrics used are textile scraps and recycled plastic bottles.

INNT breathes new life into our interior design!

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