Back to school is here, with it the nostalgia of the holidays, the stress of the recovery and the desire to run away at full speed! But don't panic, La Rue Française has concocted a list of the 5 best tips for staying cool at the start of the school year!

1 – An irreproachable look for concrete self-confidence

If the habit does not make the monk, it gives strength and self-confidence, it is proven. Do you have the homecoming blues? With great evils the great means, it is time to take care of your look; favor a fresh and natural make-up, wear your favorite jewelry and put on an outfit in which you feel good. We feel more sure of ourselves when we take the time to take care of our presentation. So yes, you are lazy, because you spent your summer without makeup in a little dress and flip-flops… But we promise you that by making this little effort, you will return to the office with a lighter spirit and ready to conquer the world!

2 – A holiday souvenir to keep your spirits up

Choose one or two objects that represent your vacation; a shell picked up by the sea, a photo of your outings with girlfriends, a pair of earrings that you wore for a significant occasion… Whatever, the idea is to take a little bit of vacation with you. And if you ever feel like your coolness is running out, take this object in your hands and think about all it represents. Because no, your life isn't just sterile debates with Jean-Charles at the coffee machine, it's also; barbecues to change the world with friends, the contemplation of magnificent landscapes, travels, laughter and endless discoveries... don't forget it because it's back to school!

3 – Cardiac coherence: a breathing exercise to be as zen as a yogi

Even if with all our advice, you feel that Jean-Charles is running you over the bean and that you will soon raise your voice to tell him that no, the earth is definitely not flat, here is a simple and quick exercise that will defuse the overflow of emotions, anxiety attacks and which can serve you at any time of your life.

This method is called the "365" because it is recommended to use it three times a day to reach 6 breaths per minute for 5 minutes . To do this, inhale deeply for 5 seconds , then exhale deeply for 5 seconds . Simple and basic. If you don't feel like focusing on counting, there are free apps that will do that for you. Sitting or standing, this practice brings a powerful immediate relaxing effect that lasts over the following hours.

4- Focus on the positive to reprogram your brain

The brain has the annoying tendency to focus on the negative, it's like that, a way for it to protect itself from possible external aggressions. But good news, you can reprogram him to teach him to focus on the positive. We all have limiting beliefs that rot our daily lives. And at the start of the school year, they are stronger than ever: I don't like this job, I don't like my colleagues, I don't like my body, I don't like my life... I don't never get there… blah blah… The brain is spinning and preventing you from seeing how cool your life is! So we take our little notebook that we choose pretty to want to write in it, and each evening, we write down one or more elements that have made us happy during the day; that butterfly that landed on your coffee mug, that giggle with a colleague, your sworn enemy who came out of the bathroom with her dress stuck in her panties…. It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary, because happiness is also an accumulation of little things that feel good, and that's what these positive notes will remind you of. Every morning, before leaving to start your day, leaf through your notebook: we bet you'll leave fully re-energized?

5 – The magic of to-do lists to get ready

When we have heaps of things to think about, the brain tends to ruminate until we get them out of our mind, either by doing them or by forgetting them. And since we don't want to forget, we go over and over again, then we feel mentally exhausted from thinking about all our pending tasks, and our self-esteem is impacted. Did you know that when you put something on paper , it can slip out of your mind? It is said, notified, your brain is at peace. So remember to use to-do lists, not too long and above all realistic, to set your goals clearly and stop flagellating yourself mentally!

We promise you that everything will be fine, no one will put you in your pants, no one will ask you to go to the blackboard or steal your snack. You will certainly live professional and human adventures that will make you evolve and enjoy!

La Rue Française wishes you a cool and stylish start to the new school year!

Amber from La Rue Française.

August 29, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez
Tags: Lifestyle

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