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La Rue Française is a marketplace that showcases craftsmen and “ Made in France ” creations, but not only. In a world where everything is going faster, where sales and communication channels are multiplying, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and consume as we would like. What are the values ​​of Rue Française and how do they translate in practice? Since transparency is part of it, we decided to tell you everything!

Promoting French know-how and products

The leitmotif of the La Rue Française platform is to make the products of French artisans and designers accessible. Our country is full of know-how and creativity, which, unfortunately, is not always visible. At a time when more or less authentic labels are vying for consumer attention with tricolor labels of all kinds such as: "Origin France" or "Produced in France", etc... La Rue Française guarantees that each product marketed on the platform was designed and manufactured in France and that the majority of the materials used are too. Consequently, the stakes and financial repercussions contribute to the development of French companies and to the economic dynamism of our territories. With La Rue Française, no pretense, you can choose any item with your eyes closed, you know who created it, with what raw materials and where. We systematically display the detailed composition and geographical origin of all items offered for sale. At La Rue Française, you will only have good surprises!

Commit to the environment

The race for profit and the unbridled capitalism of recent decades have put ecological and environmental concerns on the back burner. However, as a consumer, your purchasing actions have a real impact; that of redefining production and consumption habits. And this factor is essential for La Rue Française, which is committed to collaborating with designers who share its vision and ethics. Thus, we favor the short circuit , local materials and reasoned production in order to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Concretely, what does this mean? For example, for any purchase of an Arkhé Paris t-shirt , €5 is systematically donated to a partner association that fights for the protection of the environment, the safeguarding of forests or the oceans. Les Fonds perdus posters are designed, produced and printed in France and to order only, in a reasoned way, in order to avoid the waste of resources. Mikamino products are made in Occitan workshops that work for the social integration of women in difficulty. It is all these social initiatives which, taken together, make it possible to have a real influence on future consumption patterns. You are a consum'actor, use your power!

Consuming sustainably by buying quality products

The ambition of La Rue Française is to offer you quality goods that last over time . It seems more logical and coherent to us to sell trendy items that you can use for years to come, without wasting your financial resources such as environmental resources. At La Rue Française, we allow you to consume high quality products and this first and foremost involves the use of solid , healthy and durable materials. You can shop with your eyes closed. Here, there is no question of junk trinkets with dubious composition and planned obsolescence, here, everything is done with the heart in the idea of ​​accompanying you as long as possible.

Stimulate the creativity of craftsmen and support them towards digitization

It is our passion for fashion and creativity that led us to found this site. Our wish was to highlight the limitless talent of our creators. Our ambition is to give them the means to innovate by promoting their work, but also to support their digital transformation . The primary objective is to allow them to make themselves known beyond their precious workshops hidden in the detours of French streets. It would be terrible to lose such know-how through lack of visibility. Thus, we support these creators and help them develop their digital presence . Because today, the fashion and lifestyle market is largely digital, and not embracing this revolution is, alas, reducing your chances of making a decent living from your activity.

At La Rue Française, we strive to offer trendy, sustainable brands and items that carry values, a message, in short, a soul. All you have to do is browse our catalog and the history of our creators to be convinced. We know that many share this dream of a more fair and committed fashion and hope more than anything that it will soon become a reality!

August 18, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez


Lucas said:

Super article j’adore!
Je recommmande complètement votre site de part la qualité de vos produits mais aussi de part les valeurs et l’engagement que vous véhiculez ! Un grand respect et à très vite !!:)

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