Ezya bijoux is a unique selection of handmade costume jewelry featuring freshwater pearls. Delicate, feminine and authentic, Julie Rouanet's creations enhance the natural beauty of women like no other. Discover these Made in France marvels without delay!

Unique and ethical jewelry made in a Parisian workshop

The small hands of Ezya bijoux produce unique and original pieces that you will not find anywhere else. It is in the heart of Paris that the beaded jewelry collections are born, which are both the must of the trend and a timeless classic. Due to the artisanal processes used, each jewel is unique and exceptional, just like you!

Julie Rouanet is an inspired jeweler who creates stylish and daring ornaments, in the purest French tradition. We are particularly proud to count Ezya bijoux among the creators of our catalog, since they share the fundamental values ​​of La Rue Française. Indeed, Ezya is part of an ethical commercial approach that offers jewelry made of durable and quality materials, for small treasures with a strong identity.

Giving a jewel signed Ezya means supporting French creation, favoring materials with impeccable traceability, but also reducing the environmental impact of the transport of goods around the world. Who said you can't combine fashion and ecology ? Certainly not the French Street!

A collection of feminine and trendy costume jewelery

Discover a complete collection of jewelry celebrating the pearl in all its forms; dressing necklaces, enhancing rings and bracelets, or reinventing earrings! Let yourself be enchanted by these creations with their unique and authentic style. The pearl radiates in all simplicity thanks to the subtle roundness of its shapes and its iridescent reflections in which one loses oneself with delight; a veritable poem mounted as a jewel.

Since the dawn of time, the cultured pearl has enhanced the beauty of women in their diversity, bringing them a touch of charm, mystery and delicacy. But the Parisian designer knew how to modernize it like no other with a little glam rock side that one would never have suspected with such a material. Ezya offers costume jewelry, but full of nobility, designed in materials selected for their aesthetics and durability. In addition, all jewelry is accompanied by its product sheet which specifies the list of components used in complete transparency. Finally, each piece is guaranteed for one year, although it is intended to magnify you for many, many years...

Chic jewelry from French designers accessible to all

Most of Ezya bijoux' creations are made from three flagship materials that combine durability, aesthetics and respect for the skin. Free of allergens, all of the designer's jewels are gentle on the skin, do not darken or move over time. Fine gold gilt is frequently used for its beauty and workability. It is a brass base covered with a thin layer of 24 carat gold film, 3 microns thick. Then comes Gold Filled, less known, but just as used. It consists of a brass base covered with 14 carat gold, at least 3 microns thick. Finally, stainless steel is acclaimed for its resistance and its ability to last over time.

These different materials make it possible to mix chic effects with a more raw side that blends perfectly with the irregularities and reflections of each pearl. By mixing these elements, Ezya bijoux succeeds in creating real nuggets imprinted with grace and character. In addition to its permanent collections, renewed twice during the year, the Parisian jeweler offers many exclusive collaborations that generate unique pieces in limited edition.

Ultimately, Ezya puts at your fingertips fancy jewels made in the heart of the streets of Paris, in original designs, but at fair prices, both for the consumer and for the creator. Treating yourself to an Ezya jewel means treating yourself to an extraordinary accessory full of femininity that will accompany you throughout your life with elegance, freshness and panache!

Go and discover the brand new collection of Ezya bijoux . We bet you're going to crack?

Frenchy'vement yours

Amber, from La Rue Française.

July 05, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez

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