Purification bouquet on marbled concrete shelf

It's time to take care of your home like you would take care of yourself. 

Your place of life also needs to be cleaned and purified naturally. Find the beneficial and purifying bouquets to chase away evil spirits, purify your air, sleep better and soothe your ailments thanks to the powers of plants and stones. 

A beneficent bouquet is a combination of a purifying bouquet based on sacred wood, or plants such as bouquets of sage and a semi-precious stone. You will be able to compose it according to your desires and your needs. 

We at the editorial staff tested the beneficial bouquet offered by Prescription Lab with the three rituals: 

  • Palo Santo wood used as a purifying incense
  • A selenite stone 
  • A sprig of lavender

This bouquet brings us 3 rituals at once to soothe the mind, chase away negative energies, gain self-confidence and improve our sleep. And the sprig of lavender is to perfume our drawers and cupboards. 

You can also simply use a purifying bouquet made from sage leaves which has many benefits: 

  • Purify the air in your home 
  • Drive out negative energies
  • Relieves respiratory diseases 
  • Release the stress
  • Improve your sleep 

And really if you're at it, apparently you'll connect to the spiritual world... AHUUUUUUUMMMMM (you'll tell us if you got there). 

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback! 

Englishy'vely yours, 

Amber, The French Street. 

April 27, 2022 — Ambre PUECH
Tags: Lifestyle

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