Give some pep to your decoration thanks to the modern and original posters signed: "Les Fonds perdus". This French creator produces fresh and original visuals straight out of his boiling mind. A talented graphic designer and illustrator, he brilliantly mixes different pictorial techniques, for a unique and powerful rendering. Immerse yourself without delay in its rich and surprising universe.

Modern and original wall posters

Illustrator Kenny Taton navigates between different themes that make him vibrate. His catalog of illustrations, as rich as it is diverse, does not exclude anything; from pop culture to inspiring places visited during his travels, through street scenes or film posters, the French designer explores and innovates, for our greatest pleasure.

His fertile imagination coupled with his very personal vision of the world allows him to offer lively and surprising graphic creations. Do you want to modernize your interior decoration by calling on a French designer? You will certainly find your happiness among the posters of the brand "Les Fonds perdus". In addition to his assertive and singular style, the French artist overflows with sensitivity, but also with humor. It brings freshness and an offbeat point of view in the middle of standardized graphic creations that are sorely lacking in originality.

Originally from the city of Lyon, this creator draws his inspiration from his land, which is so rich and lively. Thus, we find among these creations posters where gastronomy, wine, nature and sport have a place of choice, but not only. Travel and culture are also at the heart of his very personal graphic creations. If he chose to name his workshop “Les Fonds perdus”, it is not only in homage to printing techniques. The artist from Lyon wishes to take the viewer into hidden and deep worlds from which his passion emerges. Results ? A graphic and colorful universe, sometimes darker and minimalist.

A trendy decoration Made in France

Posters are a simple and economical way to freshen up your decor, while highlighting the values ​​and the spirit that resembles you. You will certainly find a poster that will make you want among the original creations of Kenny Taton. In addition to the richness and diversity of the universes he chooses to approach, this French creator likes to mix and use different pictorial techniques for a totally unique rendering.

Thus, his creations mobilize processes from painting, posca or even "raw" drawing, using a good old pencil. Deeply rooted in his time, he also masters the tools developed by digital technology. He goes even further and adds nuances, details and textures for a totally unique final result.

La Rue Française is delighted to welcome “Les Fonds perdus” to its ranks and to share its artistic impulses. Creating, mixing and exploring are values ​​which are dear to him and which are found in his authentic and original works.

French posters produced in a reasoned way

In addition to its undeniable graphic talents, "Les Fonds perdus" has chosen to turn to a controlled production that respects the environment. Posters are produced only in A3 format (30 x 42 cm) on 300 g satin paper. The prints are made to order in order to comply with the values ​​of reasoned production, and therefore more ecological.

His posters are not only produced in a Lyon workshop, but are also printed nearby. A choice of the illustrator to support French production and thus have complete control over the manufacturing process and the final quality of the posters produced. Finally, the posters are rolled up in tissue paper, in order to gently protect the work.

Indulge yourself and modernize your interior decoration thanks to the original posters of an inspired French designer who produces in the heart of France, and this, at a low price !

Les Fonds perdus are French posters, funky, produced while respecting the environment and at low prices. Who says better ?

Englishy'vely yours

Amber, from La Rue Française.

July 18, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez

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