Finally summer is here with its desire to take care of oneself and let oneself go to the spontaneity of the moment. In summer, we want to have fun without worrying and that's good, La Rue française has thought of you! Ethical items, made in France and at the forefront of fashion, what do you say? We have concocted for you a list of the 10 must-haves for summer 2022 to be on top of the trend!

N° 1: The feminine and luminous “Volastra” hoops from Mibeia bijoux

Fall for this pair of earrings in an ethnic and sensual style that has the gift of sublimating the face of women. The luminosity of the gold filled ring and beads irresistibly attracts the eye and reminds us of long sunny days by the beach. While its real fine lapis lazuli pearls plunge us into the freshness of the ocean, the beauty of the lagoons, the calm of the horizon. An exceptional jewel that smells like holidays, nature and the trend of summer 2022!


N° 2: The “Jacqueline” Fouta in Tie & Dye for a trip to the sixties

Maison Causette takes us back to the delicious psychedelic patterns of Summer of love with this superb two- tone fouta to take with you everywhere this summer! On the sand, the rocks or in a boat, this fouta, which is offered to you in purple or coral, will be your best ally! This summer 2022 essential is made from old mottled cotton or linen fabrics, then colored with vegetable dyes for an authentic and natural result.


No. 3: Moisturizing face cream with goat's milk from "Soin Amalthée"

With this care cream, you can bask in the sun in peace! This 100% French cosmetics brand has designed this moisturizing face cream to; repair the damage caused by long exposure to UV rays, deeply nourish the epidermis, protect against external aggressions such as wind and pollution and finally, smooth your skin for a fresh and radiant complexion! Day and night, this treatment composed of 20% goat's milk deposits a veil of freshness and smoothness on your thirsty skin. And in addition, it has not been tested on our animal friends, at La Rue Française, we love it!


No. 4: The "Cupid" bezel cord by the Artémis workshop

The glasses chain is undeniably a must have for the 2022 season! Terribly trendy, this accessory completes your outfit with class and sobriety. Here, everything is in the detail; each mesh of the cord is heart-shaped and has different shades of color for a delicate and unique look. Everything is assembled by hand and made of golden stainless steel. On vacation or at the office, this little gem, both discreet and original, will accompany you in style.


N° 5: The “Chloé” shopping bag with yellow stripes, from Maison Causettes

A real it-bag for your summer 2022, this shopping bag with a pattern as fresh as lemon ice cream will accompany you everywhere! Practical, you can slip in your beach towel, the aperitif bought at the market, and all the books devoured by the pool. This bag is made from recycled cotton and polyester fabrics for a soft and durable result. In addition, it is designed in France by an association that helps with professional reintegration. Trendy and committed, these are the values ​​of La Rue Française!


No. 6: The tote bag "To life in love" by A French kiss please

The "À la vie à l'amore" cover is a declaration of love for life and French romanticism. This small pouch with a design that is both sober and daring is made of brushed cotton and its logo, striking and funky, is delicately embroidered. You can put all your stuff in there; moisturizing stick, sunscreen or spare change to buy donuts on the beach... An accessory as discreet as it is essential in this summer of 2022!


No. 7: Unleash your creativity with the "Tiger Set" of paper from the brand "Papier Tigre"

Because summer frees creativity, here is a practical kit to slip into your bag to share your texts and drawings. This Tiger set is made up of an A5 notebook, a pocket, a traveller, a refillable pen and a pencil. The high quality Papier Tigre comes from the recovery of waste from the Paris region where the Papier Tigre workshop is located. Finally, we love its fun and colorful design with the sweet scent of childhood and summer.


N° 8: The “Chouchou Meghan”, from Nicole Studios, for a hair-raising summer

It did not escape you, the darling of our childhood is back in force! Comfortable and stylish, we fell in love with the fruity and summery look of the Meghan scrunchie . Made in Paris, this accessory entirely in 100% cotton satin protects the hair fiber of your hair, which is put to the test during the summer. Its white fabric with a lemon pattern will bring acidity and freshness wherever you go this summer!


N° 9: The “Pastor Lune T-shirt” an invitation to dream and contemplation

Welcome to the poetic universe of the French brand Pastor Lune! This unisex t-shirt in recycled organic cotton in a warm and sunny ocher yellow like summer, shows its love for the environment. Its pretty motif embroidered in a workshop in Strasbourg represents a shepherd, the "pastor", who watches over his flock at the top of a mountain overlooked by the moon. Turned towards the great outdoors, this character invites us to take a break to reconnect with nature and celebrate the unexpected little joys that the summer season abounds. This quality garment will last over time and will accompany you for many summers.


N° 10: The "Mikamino treatment bandeau" for a moment of softness and self-reflection

Summer is the perfect time to take care of yourself. And to help you, this headband from Mikamino will be perfect! An essential accessory for your beauty rituals, this organic cotton headband will hold your hair back, allowing you to apply your make-up or your various facial treatments with complete peace of mind. Its elastic adapts to all sizes and its touch, soft and silky, will make you forget that it is there. Its five colors, warm and sensual, will make you want to wear it at any time! This article is entirely designed in integration workshops throughout France. Do you also find that summer rhymes with commitment?


And you, what are your summer 2022 must-haves? Share your ideas, photos and favorites on the social networks of La Rue Française!

Englishy'vely yours

Amber from La Rue Française.

August 01, 2022 — Marie-Ange Fernandez
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